April Fools!

Christ, it’s April already? Well my life is slipping away. Here’s a few of my favorite gaming themed lies jokes from years gone by.

5. Game Infarcer’s Top Ten Vita games
This one particularly hurts since it’s still accurate.

4. Assassin’s Creed Kinect

I was still head over heels in love with the series at this point. I may or may not have been planning to work out to prepare for the game before the trailer was over. Thankfully neither happened. Excuse me for a moment, my left side seems to be in pain. That’s weird.

3. IGN’s Apple iPlay
…. Yeah, I know. This one seems especially obvious. But hey,  fuck you pal. I get excited about new hardware. That coupled with my poor understanding of what day it is at any time contributed to me falling for this one.
Seriously, I almost helped Kickstart the Ouya.

2. EGM’s Mushroom Kingdom Hearts

I stand by this one. It’s a great idea that should’ve happened should still happen. I was convinced to the point of trying to preorder at GameStop. I was treated appropriately stupid by the employees of multiple stores. Hopefully someday when Disney has finished purchasing everything.

1. Nintendo’s Wii U

I’ll be honest it could’ve been a good prank if they had tried a little harder. The controller with the screen is actually a pretty cool concept that I hope they use someday. The features they claimed would have been fantastic steps forward for Nintendo. From the HD support to the improved online infrastructure. I just wish they would have named it something believable … I mean Wii U. Seriously? No one would ever…. wait, what? What? WHAT?! FOR REAL? But that’s the stupidest …..

Happy April Fools Everyone!
Check out some of the videos on our channel, I guarantee our videos are mostly named better than anything made by Nintendo this decade.

What’s your favorite April Fool Joke?


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