The War Rages on …

Our fans fan out there may think that the Hidden Room crew are a solid team who never experience any kind of conflict. Well you’re wrong. For sometime now a war has been brewing and recently tensions have boiled over. Now what was once a mere looming threat has evolved into a growing concern. Oh dear reader I know how unsettling a thought that must be, however in times such as this we have but little choice other than to stare into the abyss, unblinking and vast.

… I may have lost my train of thought. The point is there are these sweet digital , internet number things called trophies. You are awarded them for completing tasks in Playstation games. Some times Stephen has more than I do, now is not one of those times. He’s not particularly stoked about that fact. I expect him to take drastic actions soon. Below you will find our PSN ID’s conveniently accessible for your perusal. Feel free follow us and stay up to date with the war effort. -Chris

Team Chris:

Team Stephen:


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