MLB The Show 16 will be featured

This week, you will get to see some great footage from MLB The Show 16 which was released in March. Steve loves baseball and he loves video games so of course the MLB The Show games are truly some of his favorites. What makes it even better for him is that this game…… scratch that…. this entire (The Show) series has been fantastic! starting back in 2008, MLB the Show has done nothing but impress video game fans and baseball fans alike with their beautiful graphics, smooth engine and easy to figure out gameplay. Other studios creating Sports games should take notice!

We begin the week with a Home Run Derby video! Steve only did a custom 4 man Derby in hopes that the video wouldn’t go long at the same time… he wanted to give you guys a laser show! It took him all 4 characters and 2 rounds but eventually he was able to give you guys a Show (pun intended)

Later this week Steve will bring you part 1 and part 2 of his World Series game 7 from his Franchise Mode! I’ve seen the videos early and I gotta say it was a really good game, and it came down to a bottom of the 9th 2 out full count situation! That’s what baseball fans pay to see and hell Hidden Room is giving it to you for free.

*Click on the link below to direct you to the YouTube Channel so you can enjoy the content as well as all of Steve and Chris’s other content. Please be sure to leave a like, throw in a comment and Subscribe to the Channel…. And as always, Happy Gaming


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