Pokemon Giveaways?

Do you like Pokemon? Do you play Pokemon video games? Do you like getting free things without having to walk out of the house…. or your room? Well enter Hidden Room!

Every month, Game Stop is giving away a free Pokemon character and your friends here at Hidden Room, have connections at Game Stop, therefore get special perks that most won’t get, such as extra codes!… Enough about ourselves you say? Ok let’s talk about the many steps you need to follow in order to be entered to win a free code

Step 1: Comment on the video below!

and that’s all….. simple enough right? We here at Hidden Room want to grow and expand but we want to make sure all of you are ready. By giving away free codes, that’s our way of saying thank you for the support.

Also is wouldn’t hurt if you

Step 8: Like our Facebook Page (link on top of the channel)

Step H: Share our channel on social media

Step &: Comment on one (or more) of our other videos

Step 4: Subscribe to the channel

This months free pokemon is Darkrai


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