Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed!

Three days ago the world as we know it changed and Nintendo revealed the three pocket beasts you get to choose from when Pokemon Sun and Moon launch November 18 2016. Heads up this isn’t going to be an easy choice this time.

pokemon sm starters

First up is Rowlet, a Grass/Flying type owl Pokemon with a rotund body and the lifeless eyes of that tell the world “Rowlet has seen some shit.” Rarely do I choose the Grass starter but there’s something pretty cool about this little guy. The added bonus of him being a flying type means I won’t have to waste a slot on a Pokemon to be my FLY slave. I weep for this generation’s version of Pidgy.

Next up is Litten, the Fire type kitten Pokemon that will almost undoubtedly evolve into some kind of Dr.Robotnik fetish nightmare tiger. The design isn’t particularly bad but I was shocked to find out it wasn’t a half dark type. Not that I’m disappointed, dark types are cool to look at and then spend the rest of their lives in a box. Considering it’s a cat I know my girlfriend will have dibs on Litten so I’m not even going to entertain the notion of choosing this one.

Last but not least. Actually perhaps least is Popplio, the Water type seal Pokemon. This fella just isn’t clicking for me. Something about the way some modern Pokemon are designed is just a disappointment. Which coincidentally is what my dad says I am when I talk about modern Pokemon design. I have a real difficult time dealing with the Pokemon whose bodies look like clothing. It’s just dumb. But hey that’s my opinion and I’m sure other people will find Popplio and his neck thing adorable. I hope they do. They can breed one for me to fill out my Pokedex cause I doubt this will be my choice.

Check out the reveal trailer!

Well there they are. As always these opinions can and almost certainly will change before release when the middle and late stage evolutions are revealed. For example last gen, when Pokemon X and Y’s awesome little fox, Fennekin, turned into two horrible, anthropomorphized fur witches. Sound off with your choice in the poll below and discuss how your family Pokemon have disappointed you in the comments.




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