Mafia 3 : Early thoughts from the eyes of a Mafia 2 fan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a massive fan of Mafia 2. The story, the voice acting, the smooth/simple shooting and game play mechanics made it even easier to love. For me personally, I am a trophy hunter and I am proud to say that Mafia 2 was the toughest but by far the most fun platinum I ever got on Playstation 3.

In Mafia 2, the Main protagonist was named Vito Scaletta. His story of being a poor kid growing up then going to the army then coming back home to his poor life then finding himself as an up and coming shark in the biggest family in the mafia made for one hell of a story. with other strong characters like Joe Barbaro, Henry Tomasino, Derek Pappalardo and Leo Galante Mafia 2 clicked on all cylinders and created one of the best stories I’ve ever played.

However, anyone who has played that game knows what I’m talking about when I say we were left with the single most depressing cliff hanger in the history of video games. Vito and his friend Joe Barbaro were last seen getting into two separate vehicles and the impression that was given was that Joe was going to be killed! Vito and Joe were in that exact predicament a couple times earlier in the story but they put their friendship over the mafia and chose to have each other’s backs.

Did they choose to have each other’s back once again? Is Joe Barbaro dead? Whatever happened to Vito Scalleta? Will we ever get to find out what happened?

….. those were questions on every Mafia 2 fan’s mind for 7 years! 7 years!!!! rumors started to spread at E3 in 2014 that Mafia 3 was secretly in the works under a new company considering the company that created Mafia 2 (2k Czech) is no longer operational. Yet, sadly E3 2014 came and went and we got nothing, not even a tease. One year later at E3 2015 those same rumors surfaced once again, but were left out in the dark on what we all believed to be another lie. However….. two months later we all got our wish! Mafia 3 was revealed! we were blessed with a 12 minute gameplay narrated video(as seen below)  but it took almost six months before we were even given a definitive release date.

Unfortunately it looks as if, those questions on our minds may not be answered…. Or, well, at least the way we were hoping they’d be answered. Myself, like most people who completed Mafia 2 wanted to see a sequel, starting with the events that we saw in that ending 7 years ago! Not only does Mafia 3 take place many  years later it also features a new protagonist named Lincoln Clay.

Now we do know that Vito Scalletta(as pictured below) will return for Mafia 3 but will not be the main protagonist nor will he even be a factor. Vito will be an ally if you choose him to be but he will only play a minor role in your story. I for one, am not at all happy about this…. You can’t expect anyone who loved Mafia 2 to be happy with this new protagonist and completely new story. I don’t mind that there are new characters but when you leave us hanging on a 7 year!!! cliffhanger only to just move on with someone else, it’s upsetting. It doesn’t matter how good the game looks or how smooth you make the gameplay you can’t just “move on” without expecting backlash from pure Mafia 2 fans.

Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta 2010 image/ Vito Scaletta 2016 image

How can you just sit there and say ‘let’s just throw Vito Scaletta in Mafia 3 to keep the Mafia 2 fans happy’ and expect it to work? Now to be fair, I have read elsewhere that we will get to find out what happened to Joe Barbaro and what happened in those final moments of Mafia 2’s story, but to me that just sounds like we’re gonna hear Vito tell Lincoln about it in conversation and if that’s the case I will be completely done with this story arc. I only want Mafia 3 to see and hear Vito Scaletta again and find out what happens to Joe. Hell if I fall in love with Mafia 3’s story and Main protagonist Lincoln Clay then alright, but I doubt it.

From the looks of the trailer, the 12 minute narrated gameplay footage(above) and now the new driving mechanics video(as seen below) the game actually looks pretty good, but it doesn’t change to fact. Without a strong story no game will succeed. If this game was called literally anything else it would be an absolute hit in my eyes, but I’m prepared to be disappointed and so should all Mafia 2 fans.

Mafia 3 will be released on October 7, 2016

Wii U … Just kidding sorry.


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