Pokemon Go! Preregistration now open for United States!

Hopeful trainers across the United States have some good news today, but they would do well to hurry. Preregistration has opened up at Pokemon Go’s Official Site for the closed field test of the highly anticipated mobile game for iOS and Android.

maxresdefaultWait, what? You don’t know about Pokemon Go? You don’t care? You promise if I let you go you won’t call the cops?  Well let me explain. Pokemon Go is the Ingress style augmented reality mobile game where you go out into the meatspace real world and fulfill your lifelong dream  catch Pokemon. It’s bit like Geocaching but more or less sad depending on your age. Check out the hype factory of a trailer they released during this year’s Super Bowl.

As this is a closed test, spots will no doubt be limited and participants are expected to adhere to Niantic’s confidentiality limits. Also keep in mind the game is still in development. This won’t be the faux beta that gamers are used to these days. So expect a  fair share of bugs and glitches that aren’t Caterpie or Missingno. The one final caveat to keep in mind is that progress will not transfer into the final game and progress resets may happen multiple times during the field test’s duration. So don’t get too attached to Winston the Dragonite.

Sorry Winston.

All of that being said, this will no doubt be a cool experience and interesting to contrast with the final game when in releases sometime in 2017. Now get out there and catch them all!
And don’t call the cops.


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