Grand Theft Auto V: Finance and Felony

Almost three years ago the fifth installment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released on PS3 and XBox 360. It shattered records with how well it sold. So needless to say at the time, the game was a big deal. What no one expected was that we’d still be talking about the game in 2016. Following the initial launch and more than a year after Rockstar  brought it to the next(er?) gen consoles PS4 and XBox One. It’s still selling rather well, which is why the ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Update’ for the game is such a big announcement.

This DLC will thrust you into the role of a CEO of your own bad guy empire. Your GTA Online character will go further than any organized crime participant has in any game in the series. Players will head their own multinational corporation, allowing them to become the ultimate rags to riches story in the series. Unfortunately it won’t be all glamorous and ego inflating right away, you have to work for it! You will have to build an office in a skyscraper, manage warehouses, and route contraband across the city all while avoiding the law enforcement agencies, as well as competing gangs. The contraband that you will be smuggling are mostly jewelry, narcotics and medicines…. you know…. the typical bad guy needs.

There will be multiple layers to this DLC and all of them are important to the central story. As the CEO you will run your own office, real estate and warehouse as well as the streets of Los Santos! From what Rockstar has promised players will have the freedom to reach the upper ranks of Corporate America allowing themselves to call their own shots. They will own the streets, the drug traffic, as well as having their own connections to F.I.B. which will really give you the feel that you’ve made it big.

Like with every GTA update you’ll be getting more ridiculously overpriced clothes, accessories, buildings and other properties. New cars will be available as well, although  the only new vehicle that has been revealed was the Pegassi Reaper(below). It looks awesome but let’s be honest it will probably cost you a billion dollars more than you have.

GTA 5 car
Can’t wait to spend 26 hours a day for 3 months before I can afford this bad boy

The price for this DLC has not been revealed but every single update to GTA Online so far has been free so you’d expect that this one will be free too. One thing is confirmed however and that’s that the PS3 and XBox 360 owners will be left out of this update. This is not the first update that was exclusive to the new consoles so it’s not really that much of a shock.

Here is the official trailer for the new update:

The Update will launch on June 7


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