Major Pokemon Sun/Moon Details Revealed!

The latest trailer for the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon was released yesterday and it was jam packed with revelations for aspiring trainers. Check it out below as well as a breakdown of all the juicy info.


Alright that was cool huh? What do you mean you got distracted? Well it was cool. If you were paying attention you would know the names of the Legendary Pokemon gracing Sun and Moon’s Covers are the psychic/steel type lion Pokemon Solgaleo and the psychic/ghost type bat Pokemon Lunala respectively. Spoiler: I’m getting Moon and naming mine Bruce.

The Alola Region showed some more leg, but nothing mind blowing yet. Just a wide shot of the region and some very brief clips of some in game environment.


Character customization makes a very welcome return after it’s absence in ORAS.


This generation’s Professor was revealed and left me thoroughly bummed out. Professor Kukui looks more likely to neg my female friends than to help me along my quest to catch em all. I may like the actual character once I get my hands on the game but for now the design isn’t really doing it for me. He also has an assistant and I have a friend, they are named Lillie and Hau. Until further details are released all I can say about them is meh.

Finally, the biggest reveal and personally the most disturbing. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AND WHERE IS MY GOD DAMNED POKEDEX? There is a new PokeDex and it is an unholy abomination of beast and machine.Pokemon-SunMoon-RotomPokedex2

Listen I get that possessing electrical equipment is kind of Rotom’s bread and butter, but this just leaves me unsettled. Fortunately I have until November 18 to get used to it!

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