Watch Dogs 2: Let’s Try this Again

Watch Dogs is in the past and for good reason. The game really left a sour taste in the mouths of gamers. There is a reason Watch Dogs only has an average story completion percentage of 18.4% of PS4 owners who have actually completed the game. The gameplay was not hot garbage but besides that unfortunately everything else was. When you were wanted by the police you might as well of just found a way to kill yourself (which was hard to do) because escape was 100% impossible. So when you sprinkle that on top of the annoyance of constantly being hacked into a mini game that you couldn’t say no to as well as the story that wasn’t really all that good you found yourself wasting your money.

About a year ago it was rumored online that a Watch Dogs 2 was going to happen and I didn’t want to believe it, why would I want to? The game was a disaster for the people who bought it and A LOT of people bought it! With more than 9 million copies sold I think it’s safe to say again that a lot of people wasted there money. So in reality with that many copies sold it seemed inevitable that Ubisoft would take more of our money with the hopes that they’d do better a second time around. Here’s your chance Ubisoft!

Watch Dogs 2 is an open world adventure shooter set in the San Francisco Bay area. It will feature a character named Marcus Holloway, a young black man originally from Oakland who served time unjustly by a crime predicted algorithm (WHAT!?) and seeks to unravel the conspiracy that locked him up. After being released from jail Marcus somehow becomes a ‘legendary’ hacker and even manages to build an illegal underground community of hackers with the sole purpose of taking down big market agencies.


…is this basically going to be Mr. Robot the game?

The official trailer (below) does a decent enough job at making the game look interesting. I choose the word interesting because the original Watch Dogs trailer made that game look like gold, in fact it even featured a scene with DMX’s character chasing you through a subway station only to catch up to you as the doors to the subway were closing. Not only does that not happen in the story but you only encounter DMX in a couple chapters…. none of which involve a subway. So as someone who was disappointed with the original I really hope lead writer Lucien Soulban does a complete overhaul as well as a demo version because Ubisoft would get some seriously negative tweets on twitter and no one wants that.



Watch Dogs 2 is slated for a 11/15/16 release


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