Death Stranding Announced

Hideo Kojima is back! And he brought a naked Norman Reedus with him! It was announced at E3 last night that Kojima games has been working on a project called Death Stranding. When you hear Kojima and Reedus in the same realm you’d expect something Silent Hills related but NOPE, not only does this game have zero connection with P.T. but also Guillermo del Toro has no involvement in this project.

Not much is known about Death Stranding just yet but what we do know is Hideo Kojima has not yet settled on a game engine to work with. With that in mind unfortunately it seems pretty obvious that we will likely see this game featured at E3 2017.

 “It’s something completely different from what they’re used to, there will be a lot of action but not straight forward action” Kojima said.

So it looks like Death Stranding will be an action game? Hahaha, who knows and who cares, anything Kojima related is worth the wait and this game looks wild. And how about that Norman Reedus casting! I’m excited for this game and I’m looking forward to seeing more updates on this game in the coming months.

Kojima has released some behind the scenes photos ladies (and Chris) I’m sorry to tell you but Norman Reedus isn’t really naked.


reedus 1reedus 2reedus 3reedus 4

Here is the reveal trailer, it’s fan recorded but that only makes it more enjoyable!


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