God of War 4 Announcement and New Gameplay Trailer

Our prayers have been heard and the Gods have returned. Well, one of them. But it’s the one we wanted. Kratos is finally back. Sony blasted out of the gate with this announcement and set the tone for what was an incredible conference. Fans would have been excited enough for the confirmation and maybe a short teaser with a voice over and logo for the game, but apparently all of those blood sacrifices I made worked and we were treated to over nine minutes of gameplay. Check it out below with our breakdown.


First thing you’ll notice is that the rumors about the Norse setting were completely correct. I for one can’t wait to rip out Odin’s other eye.

Good work NerdsLeaks

Next up and perhaps the biggest change is that Kratos has another kid. Unlike his last family, this one appears to exist for reasons other than dying to push the story forward. Kratos is much more subdued when interacting with the boy even when scolding him multiple times over the nine minute video. It’s a welcome change from the roid raging sociopath who callously murdered anyone within chain blade’s reach in previous games. Speaking of those blades, they seem to be completely gone, replaced by a magic axe. When not in Rome Greece I suppose…

Meet my son Christos Plotdevice Kratoson.

Other changes include: The Nordic version of the cyclops has two eyes, dragons exist, the new Norse style of the “God of War” logo, did you see they have dragons, and finally dragons are in the game, will we kill them or befriend and ride them.

Beware the mighty Biclops!

Either way I’m looking forward to more thoughtfully murdering everything in my path next year when “God of War” is released exclusively on Playstation 4.

Comment below and let us know what bit of Norse mythology you can’t wait to disembowel.


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  1. stko1103 says:

    I can’t wait to puff the magic dragon

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