Archer: The Game?

Sterling Archer is slowly but surely becoming a TV pop culture icon. The shows popularity has continued to grow in ridiculous ways. After 7 seasons, the show is at the point where some fans wonder what could possibly be next.

Over the years we’ve seen video game adaptations for South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, and a multitude of others with varying degrees of success and quality.

do you see where I’m going with this? It would not be ridiculous to imagine an Archer game. The thing about all the cartoon TV shows that have made the jump to the video game world is that none of them are technically shooter games. Sterling Archer is essentially the comedic James Bond that absolutely no one has been able to pull off in anime. There has been countless attempts to bring a light side to the James Bond character in comedy films. The Pink Panther, Austin Powers, Johnny English and Spy Hard are in my opinion the only movies that pull it off successfully, but opinions vary.

Just imagine an Archer game that plays like a Bond game? your mouth watering yet? Mine too. Obviously there is nothing in the works, no (public) plans to make an Archer shooter but boy do we want it.


Archer 2Archer 3


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