GTA V: Cunning Stunts Update


Cunning Stunts is perhaps the best GTA Online update to be released since the initial heists that launched last year. I’m not a big fan of playing online, mostly because everything that has come out for GTA Online has been ridiculously overpriced to the point where I couldn’t enjoy the content. Not that I was really interested in buying 10 million dollar yachts and 50 million planes. Hey Rock Star, don’t make your in game content so expensive! Luckily for people like me we don’t have to purchase any in game content to enjoy this update.

Cunning Stunts is fun. Dare I say really fun. If you enjoy your occasional Racing game you’ll like this update. I’ll go one step further, if you enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels as a child (or an adult) then your gonna love this update!

The maximum number of racers per session is 16. So fair warning you will wreck, you will be sabotaged, you will scream, you will make enemies but most importantly you will have fun.


Stunts 1Stunts 2Stunts 3Stunts 4

Cunning Stunts is now available!


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