Major changes revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Buckle up for the whopping 5:14 trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that Game Freak and the Pokemon Company dropped yesterday. It’s packed with major changes to the status quo of the world of Pokemon. So check out the trailer and our breakdown below.

The new region has brought with it a new forms and powers for some familiar Pokemon. The grass/psychic type Exeggutor has adapted to the Alolan environment becoming a grass/dragon type as well as going through a drastic physical change. With a multitude of different microclimates, Alola has also given rise to new ice type variations for the fire types Vulpix and Ninetails and ground types Sandshrew and Sandslash.

Exeggutor is beach body ready.

Generation 8 also sees the advent of “Z-Moves,” this new way to attack gives any Pokemon a new type-specific super move. According to the trailer, each type will have it’s own specific Z move, however only Electric, Grass, Fire, and Water type’s “Gigavolt Havoc, Bloom Doom, Inferno Overdrive, and Hydro Vortex” have been revealed respectively. Personally, I wasn’t crazy about the Mega Evolutions as a concept, but I think this could be an interesting new fold in the Pokemon formula. At the very least “Gigavolt Havoc” sounds fucking sweet fascinating.Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.31.54 PM

A new type of quest-line for the series was revealed, the Island Challenge. Although not the most inspired name, this “rite of passage” takes players to each of the four islands where they will have to complete the fetch quest/ mini game challenge of each island’s Trial Captain. Eventually this will pit you against a “powerful totem Pokemon” as well as the Grand Challenge. I’ve seen speculation that this will replace gyms but I think that theory is really stupid highly unlikely. If anything, I could see this either being this generation’s Elite Four or a complementary faction to the official Elite Four. Either way I’m going to power level by grinding and steamroll them like I do in every RPG.

Finally was the reveal of several more brand new Pokemon, which I’ll discuss in more detail closer to the game’s release. For now, I’ll just say I believe Gumshoos is supposed to look like a detective, but all I can see is what Donald Trump would look like if the gypsy’s curse had worked.

Gumshoos trump
Make Alola Great Again

Let us know in the comments below what Alolan forms you want for classic Pokemon!


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