Steep Beta Registration Open Now


This winter snowboarding fans will have something to celebrate even if global warming gives us floods instead of flurries. Steep, a new open world where players can snowboard, ski, paraglide, save the rec. center, and wingsuit to their heart’s content. Featuring “insane stunts” and drop in/ drop out multiplayer that will dare players to french fry when every brain cell is screaming to pizza.

Hopefully there is a solid character creator


Fans have had it pretty good for the last few generations with great series such as Cool Boarders, SSX, and my personal favorite Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarding. Sadly, the first three years of this generation only gave fans the cold shoulder. I’m so sorry. That’s all about to change and registration has just opened up for eager players who just can’t wait to “carve some powder.” Is that a thing they’d say? Just go sign up.

Register HERE

Steep, coming to PS4 and Xbox One December 2, 2016.

Pre-Order PS4   Pre-Order Xbox One

Let us know in the comments below what do you want in a snowboarding game?




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