WWE 2K17: Bring Back the Pain

Another year another WWE video game. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of WWE and video games in general, but I have not enjoyed a WWE game since Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain. Now I didn’t mind the Road to WrestleMania and GM modes that were in the earlier Smackdown vs Raw games. But for some reason after Smackdown vs Raw 2007 THQ decided that no one wanted to play GM mode anymore which is crazy to me, that mode alone gave the games a high replay value.

WWE 2K17 will feature the returning game modes: My Career, Universe Mode and 2K Showcase (rumored to feature Brock Lesnar, Sasha Banks and Finn Balor). Also, 2K revealed that there will be another game mode but have yet to release the name of it, could it be the highly anticipated return of GM mode? or even Road to WrestleMania? Although those aren’t new game modes, for some fans (like me) that don’t care about or even play My career or Universe mode they would be the breath of fresh air that WWE games need.

With the recent draft expansion on tv and appointed GM’s and Commissioners a GM Mode doesn’t seem that far-fetched. My fingers (and toes) are crossed!

Here Comes the Pain
Why can’t WWE and 2K just re’release Here Comes the Pain with the current roster? It would be cheap as hell to create

WWE 2K17 on the surface looks like it could be great! However, I find myself saying that every single year and every year I’m disappointed. Never by the graphics mind you, but always by the glitchy and clunky gameplay. That with the lack of a game mode I actually want to play, I usually don’t stick around after the first DLC release. With no replay value, WWE 2K games are just bland and repetitive.

We all miss the days where we could fight from the ring to the ramp (not just a section of the ramp and stage) to the back, to the parking lot, to the boiler room, to the locker room, to the street, to the top of WWE Time Square….. yes I’m serious…. God do I miss Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain! Now we’re stuck with a backstage brawl match type. A match type in which you could lose if you fail a chain struggle, or get thrown into a television? Geeze no thank you. This year it appears to have been overhauled, but seriously though how many times can one throw an opponent into Triple H’s office before it becomes repetitive?

Ladder Matches in WWE are fun to watch, play in a video game…. not so much. Every year, the ladder match gets an enhancement and every year the ladder match gets more and more frustrating. I’ve never played a ladder match with a smile on my face, it’s usually anger and (ruthless) aggression. The last two installments have had some many glitches that really, the match type wasn’t even worth playing. This year we heard that the ladder can now only be set up in five different locations? what!? that can’t be true….please don’t let it be true.

No one can ever complain about the graphics! these entrances are on point!

I will buy this game, simply because I’m a wrestling fan. I kind of feel obligated at this point to get it on that principle alone. It’s getting harder every year though to stick with this franchise. First, they take away popular game modes, now we have to assign attributes and “skills” to superstars just so they can climb the turnbuckles and use a weapon. I’m getting more and more depressed as I think about it.

…. If you’re feeling down in the dumps after reading this article (like me) here’s the cure! You’re welcome.


WWE 2K17 will be released on October 11


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  1. chronospectre says:

    I miss being able to go into the crowd and getting weapons. “Smackdown: Just Bring It” was the peak of WWF games.


  2. Shut up u idiot.The New WWE Games are far better than the old ones in every aspect.They r much more realistic & they take us closer to the real WWE Experience.


    1. stko1103 says:

      not sure why you would call someone an idiot when they are just voicing an opinion. I never said the new games weren’t beautiful because they are, graphics are incredible. But are you seriously telling me that you don’t miss the games that allowed you to take the fight from the ring all the way to the freakin street. or are you too young and have never played any of the old Smackdown games?


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