Mafia 3

If I wasn’t so afraid of heights I’d climb to top of my roof and scream to the heavens with excitement! Why? you ask, well that’s because Mafia 3 is only 4 weeks away and as some of you may know, I have been waiting on this release for a long loooong time.

Mafia 3 is expected to be a game of the year contender. With more than 100 songs licensed, the return of the Playboy magazines and a plethora of future downloadable content Mafia 3 has seemingly done everything they can to give the fans high hopes. They only way this can go now is ‘horribly’ right? It’s not often that game with so much hype actually lives up to those expectations. Hangar 13 must be aware of some fans reservations, because they have release a slew of content all focusing and showing off the gameplay.

I for one have my reservations but it certainly appears to have the makings of a top rated game. Here are some cool photos and some of the more recent videos that Hangar 13 released.

Lincoln Clay 1Lincoln Clay 2Lincoln Clay 3Lincoln Clay 4

Vito Scaletta 2
I sure hope we find out what happened to Joe!

I was a huge fan of Mafia 2 so seeing Vito Scaletta in anything makes my insides burst with pure happiness. However…. Heists? are we actually going to be able to play online heists? I have so many questions, but I am very content with waiting a little while longer. I have to hand it to Hangar 13 they have gone to great lengths to keep the fans interested with this game over the last year and a half. Not only has Hangar 13 been gracious enough to show us extended game play (6 videos) but they have also given us tons of other news and updates over the year in a half build and for that I thank you, because not many gaming studios give up so much prior to a release, my hopes are high. This game continues to look like it could be worth the wait.

Mafia 3 will be released on October 7, 2016

If you wish to read about my thoughts and feelings on Mafia 3 click on this link:


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  1. chronospectre says:

    Any news on a Vita port?


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