Super Mario jumps onto iOS

This is huge. Mario is breaking out of the Nintendo family of consoles and into the mobile gaming world. Not since the less than stellar release on the Phillips CD-I has Nintendo loosened their grip on everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. Times or more likely, market trends have changed and forced Nintendo’s hand. Bolstered by the quick and massive success of Miitomo and Pokemon Go, neither of which were developed or owned solely by Nintendo, the Big N is finally throwing it’s red monogrammed hat into the mobile gaming ring. smr-3-1200x1060-1200x1060

Super Mario Run is the franchise’s first one-handed platformer. Played with a vertical screen orientation, Mario will move automatically leaving the jumping and timing up to the player. This is probably the best solution to the problem of the mediocre at best touchscreen d-pads that have plagued previous mobile platformers.

iOS gamers can look forward to saving the princess while eating a hamburger this December. The Android release date has yet to be announced. In the meantime, eager fans can download a free Super Mario Run Sticker Pack for iOS 10’s version iMessage as well as Sign Up to be notified when the game is released. With the rough release date still three months away this is a new and unusual move for any game on iOS, but with the amount of hype that comes with every Super Mario title, I’m not surprised the amount of support it’s getting from Apple. Also I have to admit, seeing the Mario icon in the app store was pretty exciting. 18242-16615-screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-62507-pm-l


Release date: iOS: December 2016     Android: TBA

Let us know what you want to see in a mobile Mario game in the comments below!


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