Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse had it’s fair share of repetitiveness but overall the game was enjoyable. Although the game sold well, Xenoverse was not very well received by Dragon Ball Z fans across the world. The server was often a mess (for those who could actually access the server), the free roaming style of a menu was unnecessary and also stupid. The World Tournament Stage being featured but the inability to play the mode other than a huge online only tournament that wasn’t available until months after the game was released made no sense. The character selection wasn’t as deep as a true DBZ would have liked. The lack of depth to the game was also an issue considering the story wasn’t much to be excited about. The story consisted of your created character traveling through time and making sure events transpired the way they did on the show, decent idea but it just didn’t click for me. I would have been very satisfied if we got to go back in time to ensure that Frieza got to kill Krillin on Planet Namek I would have been all over that.

That’s enough about the negatives… let’s focus on the positives. The biggest take away from Xenoverse would have to be the graphics. Every battle location was incredibly detailed and overall it looked like we were watching the show.  The gameplay which was also met with mixed reviews from fans was actually the best quality of the game, sure the lock on feature was a little stupid but it wasn’t a game-changer (literally…also pun). People wanted to compare it to Budokai Tenkaichi but that would be unfair, instead of comparing Xenoverse to the great DBZ games fans should have been comparing it to the more recent console DBZ games. Raging Blast and Raging Blast 2 were flops but introduced us to the ‘lock on’ system which for some unknown reason has become a staple in every future DBZ game after. I refuse to say anything about Ultimate Tenkaichi… for obvious reasons and then there was Battle of Z. Battle of Z was not a bad game it just didn’t include a story, it focused heavily on online fighting. Personally, I didn’t want to compare Xenoverse to anything at all. I wanted Xenoverse to be its own thing but in reality, it was pretty much just Battle of Z with a story.

Xenoverse 2 is going to be release at the end of the month and it’s met with a lot of anticipation. Fans are expecting an overhauled version of Xenoverse 1 but I do not see it that way, I see Xenoverse 2 as a ‘take two’. I feel like Xenoverse was rushed and as a result we did not get the best out of  Bandai (at least I hope that wasn’t there best). The gameplay, graphics, menu style, game modes and hell even the story will be the same it’s just a continuation. There really is nothing new to get excited about.

I’ll get Xenoverse 2 simply because I’m a DBZ fan. I can not be disappointed in a game I have no excitement for so that is my mindset. I’ll try and keep an open mind, we will have more Masters, more characters (120 rumored) and way more Parallel Quests so let’s just try to have a little fun.



Majin Vegeta
Future Gohan wasting space
Super Gogeta is a good addition
giant douche vs turd sandwich
Final Atonement will be amazing!
Not sure if Guru is a master or if our Created character is replacing Krillin for the entire saga…. wait did I just come up with a better story then what we’ll probably get?
Zarbon looking sexy



the game comes out October 25th



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