October’s PS Plus games are ALIVE!

Sorry, I meant live. October’s PS Plus games are live. This month’s offerings are pretty good and a notable improvement over the lackluster few months we’ve had. PS Plus members can go HERE and grab their free games right now.

In Transformers: Devastation, PS4 players will be able to once again do battle against the Decepticons in this G1 era throwback from Platinum Games. A good game at the original $60 price, at the low, low cost of zero it’s a no brainer.

High five!

Speaking of brains, Resident Evil is the other PS4 offering. I was never a big fan of the series, but I can’t think of a better month to trudge into this HD Remaster of the Capcom classic.

They are great at naming main characters.

For the Vita, we have Actual Sunlight, a game about depression. I played an earlier build on PC a few years ago and have been wanting to pick up this version for a while so I’m pretty happy to play pretty sad again.

Cartoon Rich Evans

If you still have room on your Vita’s memory card, you can check out Code: Realize- Guardians of Rebirth, a visual novel otome game from Idea and Design Factory. Anime fans to the front of the line.

Not as good at high fives.

PS3 gamers can feed into their God complexes with From Dust, the god simulator from Ubisoft. Think “Black and White” but without the goofy, british humor.


Rounding out the list is the final PS3 game of the month, Mad Riders, an off-road racing game from Techland. It’s, well it’s free.

Maybe you don’t already have MotorStorm?

What a month right? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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