Huge Red Dead Tease from Rockstar Games

Today, Rockstar dropped a giant hint about their next game by simply changing their twitter cover image. Oh Rockstar, you filthy tease.

“Leaked” map from earlier this year. Currently unconfirmed.

No other information has been officially given about the release but I think the picture makes it pretty clear that we’ll have more information on a new¬†Bully Red Dead game sometime soon. Either that or perhaps Red Dead Redemption will be getting the remaster treatment. However, this is less likely due to the game never getting a pc version and the greater difficulty of porting without one. I’ll take either though. Or both. Giddy up.

What do you want to see, that isn’t GTA VI, from Rockstar next? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I want red dead redemption 2 so badly.That map could be a map design which they want to use in the game.I really want Bully 2 much more than red dead but there is no official news about it

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