MLB 17: The Show

since 2008 MLB the Show has been one of the most iconic sports video game franchises. The studios popular has not only made them a pretty penny but the studio also ended the 2K baseball franchise in 2012 (thank god!)

The last two years, The Show has featured several former stars and Hall of Famers. With the exception of a couple notable greats we mostly would get guys like Cliff Floyd and Kenny Lofton. however The Show:17 will not only feature but will also be covered by my all time favorite player! Ken Griffey Jr. It has yet to be announced but it looks as if it will only be Griffey in his prime which will surely disappoint people like me when we want to sign him as a free agent in GM mode for a one year deal, but it will be really fun smacking some homers as the King!

A new yet old feature to the series is retro mode. this mode will play like the games did in the late 90’s. don’t get me wrong it’s a really cool looking feature but I just don’t care. For a very popular series with not too many control errors I guess there really isn’t much tweaking to do? so why not just add add add!

MLB 17 Show has a release date of March 28, 2017



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