The Last of Us Part II

The Playstation Experience has come and gone, like every year before it this year did not disappoint.

After many years of wait, we finally got the announcement we’ve been waiting for. Naughty Dog revealed that The Last of Us part II is real! Fans were eagerly awaiting this at E3 during the summer but got nothing. The long awaited sequel will feature Ellie as the main playable character.

What about Joel? he was clearly shown in the trailer walking around, but was he really? By the fact that Ellie has aged what looks to be about ten years my guess is Joel is dead and is Ellie’s spiritual advisor if you will. that or he’s alive and well, oh well, either way it’s Last of Us part II !!

So sit back, practice your stealthiness moves and get ready for some super difficult boss battles. yay!


upon announcement Shawn Layden revealed that the game is in very early stages. I think that was a lie and The Last of Us part II has been in development for the last two years, I am putting my money on an October 2017 release


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