Injustice 2: Why you should buy this Game (A Quick Review)

I’d like to go on record by saying that I was not all that excited for this release. I enjoyed the first Injustice but the story felt unbelievably rushed, but more honestly I’m not a fan of Mortal Combat or games similar. One thing I am however is a huge DC fan, so when Injustice 2 was announced I knew I’d be picking it up but at the same time, I was anything but excited.

Boy was I wrong…

First let me tell you about the graphics. Each character model was given so much detail that it was beyond amazing. The facial animation was simply phenomenal! I seriously cannot say enough positives about the visuals and animation. The only thing I could not understand is why they decided to give Superman a weird metal chin strap apparatus, but maybe I’m just being picky? I’m sure a lot of people loved Superman’s chin strap…… said no one ever…

The game play felt polished and refined, the controls were easy and the combos were easier to pull off. The only real complaint I have about the in battle game play would have to be the Wager System. The Wager System is a mini game that can be triggered (almost always even when you don’t want it to) when you or opponents health gets low. It’s a cool little sequence but looks aside it doesn’t do anything for you in battle. Sure it gives you a little extra health but if you lose the sequence you will lose your ultimate move. In my experience against the CPU the mini sequence only triggers right after I use my ultimate move on an opponent and therefore I have nothing to wager so I always lose the sequence and the CPU gets health restored. I’m sure with more time invested, this won’t be an issue once I master the game play but I still think it’s an unnecessary addition.

Injustice 2_20170517141018
Brother Eye Menu screen

The multi-universe mode called Brother Eye is an absolute brilliant inclusion. Most of the complaints from Injustice 1 were the story is too short and the replay value is non existent. Those complaints were accurate. With the Brother Eye single player mode, the replay value is extended immensely. Each character that you interact with in this mode has new dialogue. It’s a really cool new mode that I don’t thing was needed but well worth it. Be prepared to be tested, especially when you have to fight 5 or more enemies (not at once… calm down)

The online is not operational for me. My experience so far as consisted of very slow load times and terrible server issues. The only time I got to the character select screen, I was kicked from the session, so there’s that. This is not an uncommon issue with new release games. Most games upon release have either closed servers or heavy immediate traffic that it causes issues. So I’m sure my online experience will improve. As a gamer who doesn’t spend a lot of time online, I’m not too concerned about this. But it’s important to bring up.

The Story is a jewel that I must save for last. This review is not about spoilers so I will (try) not (to) give anything away from the actual story itself. What I will say is that the story is beautiful from start to finish. The story takes place a few years after the events of the previous Injustice game and delivers an absolute knockout! As seen in the trailer the story features Brainiac as the big bad and the story is primarily revolved around Supergirl. Each member of the former Justice League have a significant amount of time dedicated to them. You play as some more than others but really the choice is yours. What’s that? You heard me correctly, a majority of the story features scenes with multiple characters and you will have the option of selecting which character you want to fight as. It’s a really cool in story option that brings extra life to your experience and always keeps the story feeling fresh. Each character has there own dialogue and interaction with the enemy which is pretty cool. *kinda spoiler* The decision of which character to fight as does not impact or alter the story in any way, it’s just a really cool touch and allows you to fight as everyone in the game during your first playthrough. The story really does have a fresh feel to it. Unlike the previous Injustice game this story is given a good amount of time (about 5 hours). would I of liked it to be longer? absolutely but the way it was broken down by chapter really made it feel longer than 5 hours.

I strongly recommend you buy this game. The story is great, the Brother Eye mode is great, the gameplay is great, the controls are easy and not overly complicated, the character availability is pretty deep and there is a ton of DLC coming in the future, including 9 characters, 4 maps and more Brother Eye missions. This game will give you a ton of replay value. Mark my words! this game is worth it!

overall 9/10

Injustice 2 3
look at those face scans….
Injustice 2_20170515194422

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