BioWare has surprised the gaming community with the reveal of Anthem. The team behind the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises are said to be working on Anthem. Interestingly, though, Anthem seems to borrow heavily from Mass Effect and even Destiny. Taking from other video games is sometimes viewed as desperate. This is   Bioware’s first title after the somewhat polarizing Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game that was both loved and hated.

As expected, during the Microsoft conference EA revealed just a little bit more…..

Anthem is a new sci-fi action game set in a “vast open world.” The game pits players in the role of a Freelancer tasked with exploring unknown planets and protecting humanity. You’ll be able to outfit your Freelancer with customizable exo-suits called Javelins, which can be equipped with a range of new gear you either craft or acquire. The game is being “built around a live service” and features a heavy emphasis on cooperative play. EA has confirmed that up to four players can team up to complete missions together. During today’s gameplay demonstration, we got our first look at one called “Hell or High Water,” which took players through a dense jungle filled with giant creatures and through a bioluminescent underwater cavern….. which by the way looked absolutely beautiful.

It’s still just a reveal, so information unsurprisingly was scarce. However, it’s clear Bioware seems to have rebounded nicely following their previous Mass Effect game. I can’t wait to see more information come out about this all new title in the coming year. Anthem is currently slated for a fall release in 2018.


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