Insomniac’s Spider-Man shines in new gameplay footage

Check out the gameplay video then join me below for a breakdown.

If this video is an accurate representation of the game coming out next year, then we are in for the best Spider-Man game to date. Insomniac appears to truly understand Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and what makes him such an enduring character. It isn’t that he punches dudes. Don’t misunderstand me, he’s great at that and does so often, but that isn’t what makes him so great.

Miles Morales was in trailer too! No further details were given as to what extent his role will be in the game. Co-op perhaps?

Spider-Man is a hero because he saves people. He saves a lot of people. This slice of gameplay really captured an aspect of the character that until now had been severely lacking. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t realized how weak previous games were in this regard. Yes, they all had their own version of saving the innocent from various tragedies ranging from falling from a building, being mugged in an alley, mutated by the infection of the day, to losing their balloon. Not to downplay the horror felt by the NPC victims, but these were all instanced events that didn’t carry much weight. In the new gameplay however, Spidey has to balance saving people from gunfire, avoid gunfire himself, and stop a considerable amount of people from being crushed horrifically in action set pieces that were kinetic and exhilarating, more closely resembling something from the Uncharted games than any previous Spider-Man title. It was exactly the kind of breathless, rush to save everyone and stop the big bad that has thrilled readers for the last fifty four years. In the end it’s not just about the power, it’s about the responsibility.


Let us in the comments below: What’s your favorite Spider-Man game?


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  1. stko1103 says:

    Batman Arkham Asylum


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