Super Mario Odyssey gets new trailer and release date

Wahoo! Mario’s switch debut is looking pretty spectacular. With Peach about to be forced into a loveless marriage to Bowser, our fearless plumber will have to once again navigate through a multitude of varied 3D levels and dangers in the vain of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 1&2. Fortunately he won’t have to do it alone.

No, not you Luigi. Go home. 

Mario’s hat has seemingly gained sentience and been imbued with the ability to possess any living thing. This is the most versatile power up the series has ever seen. Beyond its possession powers, his new fashion statement/ buddy can turn into a number of other types of hats. Some of which as pointed out by LaserTime’s Henry Gilbert are call backs to previous outfits worn by Mario over the years. It’s a nice touch that will be appreciated by longtime fans.

Until told otherwise, I’m calling him Hatrick.

Check out the trailer below and look forward to Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch October 27, 2017!

Let us know in the comments below: What’s your favorite Mario power up?


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