Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn

let’s face it Shaquille O’Neil is popular. That’s why in 1994 we were blessed with Shaq-Fu on the Sega Genesis, actually that’s the only reason why we got that game. And you know what, if you liked Mortal Kombat, you’re gonna love ‘hating’ Shaq-Fu. Like a lot. Like a whole lot. But for someone like me who never played Mortal Kombat, Shaq-Fu was actually pretty awful. Like really awful. But I sat there and played it for hours. Let me be specific, I sat there for hours paralyzed in rage replaying the same five boss battles over and over. Why? because it was Sega Genesis, you had no save data. My gamer pride would not allow me to give up on Shaq-Fu, until one dark and stormy night, I just could not do it anymore so what did I do, I’m sure you’re all wondering. I threw the game out the window and watched it smack off of a cat (unintentional) then proceeded to watch it wash down the street and into the sewer, I lost sight once it went into the sewer but I recall seeing a certain clown running out of the sewer and into oncoming traffic because the fear was just too much for him.

It’s 2017 and Shaq is more popular than he ever was before, why? I’m not sure. Why do people think Dane Cook is funny? I’m not sure. Why is the sky blue? I’m not sure. These are questions that will always be asked. Aside from his hundreds of commercials and his podcast on Podcast One Shaq has a show on the NBA Network right now called Shaqtin’ A Fool and it’s very popular. I am a fan of the NBA and I often click on the NBA Network so I have seen the show once or twice, but I don’t understand why Shaq making random noises while other guys laugh and talk over not only Shaq but also the video they are playing is funny but in 2017, I’ve learned to not ask questions ever again. Because of Shaq’s massive popularity once again I guess it makes sense for Nintendo to capitalize on it, maybe someone from Nintendo owes Shaq a favor?

or maybe……just maybe……

Shaqfu 3.jpg
Kazaam is Real!?

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn was actually revealed back in December of 2015. Shaq revealed it himself. Immediately after the reveal, the gaming Gods must have intervened because aside from a few articles and a handful of updates Shaq-Fu was essentially eradicated from history….. until now.

The trailer looks like a  decent 2D fighting game. One that I will likely only play if it found it’s way to the Playstation store as a PS Plus free game on the month. But by the looks of it right now, Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. So, it looks like I may be safe.

no official release date has been announced…… and if the gaming Gods have their way again, it will never be released.

Shaqfu 1



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